quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2016

Numismática (II) Arqueologia (IV) Campo Arqueológico de Pias (I)

Partilho artigo publicado (em Inglês) na Índia acerca de um Projecto que vem sendo delineado de há alguns anos a esta parte e que aos poucos se vai tornando visível em Portugal e no Estrangeiro.
Com a colaboração progressiva de imensos colegas de diferentes áreas do conhecimento humano.
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Animal depictions on Inedite Archaeological Artifacts from Pias (Serpa, Beja, Portugal)

"The recent works carried out by the Portuguese State in Pias (Alentejo), with the construction of a complex system of irrigation and dams made of this a case study also in archaeological terms. Unpublished materials that are to be here the subject of study and deserved the preparation of this article also occurred because the animals represented in these form of objects are in some cases of extreme rarity: eagle, horse, bull, dog, wolf, goat, bird. Hundreds of coins and other materials mainly in bronze as dozens of new sites thus reflect the reality of a past that remained so far unknown to the communities. The animals that appear represented in many of these objects, thus coating its symbolic functions are in some cases even representations of divinity itself, such as the case of Ataegina / Ataecina. The present article shows how those days communities respect and identify with all the animals depicted in such a way."