sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

Poemas soltos (VI)


From the Desert sands to the mountain snow
Came the morning light, from witch my feelings grow
Just one look was all that it took
One smile, one touch, one song, one goal

A Princess from the Wolves presented herself to me
I’ve showed her what I am, that entire she could see
In the valley of the dreams I lay my sword to rest
In the battles yet to come she’ll be there for the best

Who am I but a man, I asked myself again and again
Words don’t come that easy when a thousand words just came
In waves and waves of feelings that came and yet to come
Contain yourself my hart... calm down... don’t make it grow...
For my Loved One just knows that. Will She love me? I don’t know...

A secret smile I keep in mind, and it will vanquished the sands of time
The armour is heavy, the path a blur, what the future holds I must concur
The scent of Jasmines inhabits my chest, from the last time She laid to rest
Perhaps soon our paths will cross.... And an eternal Love that won’t be lost
The Ancient Gods will guide her to me, her Love I hope will pierce right thru me
I whisper Her name to all the four winds, so that She might know I search... I go...

The Oceans are deep, and there is my hart
I hide it... it’s broken... to pieces... apart...
Will it be safe in your hands? I must ask.
Much more than friends, that would be the task.

And at the end of the road I hope someday you’ll see

That my Love was that true, and You made part of me.

Dedicated to the Jasmine, The One that makes my feelings grow
Marco P. Valente 27/11/2015

quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2015

Poemas soltos (V)

Da minha janela

Da minha Janela...
Da minha janela nasce o Sol
um novo dia, pássaros chilreiam.
Uma velha Palmeira, as ruínas de um Templo
Igreja, depósito de água, do nosso sustento.

Na minha janela nascem sons
dois amigos que falam do seu dia-a-dia
Mudança Política ! Sonho ! Anarquia !
Povo, Paz, Pão, nossa Liberdade
Hoje aconteceu finalmente. Morte à falsidade !

Lá fora, a vida flui ao ritmo dos tempos
cá dentro... nova vida começa, em compassos lentos.
Do Oriente nasce uma nova Luz:
Sol Invictus, Mazda, Mitra e Jesus
Uma doce Amada que hoje me conduz, num odor Jasmin.

Da minha janela o futuro flui
Cá dentro um presente de estudos passados
Lá fora, sou tudo aquilo que tenho de ser
Forte, Decidido, Dominante, Sonhador
Aqui sou criança, frágil, sedutor e...
... Da minha janela, sou Rei e Senhor !

Marco Valente 12/11/2015